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cards-x-ccess TURNSTILES

Safety and reliability at the highest level


With our self-developed access control solutions, you can ensure that nobody enters unauthorised protected areas.

With some very simple access control solutions, from door readers, handheld scanners to turnstiles at the event gates, you can control where your guests enter or leave your event. We have a solution to suit your venue and your event.


CX CAN-50 Tripod

Speed Gates

CX CAN-70 Turnstile

Swing Gates

CX CAP-225 Turnstile

Man-high turnstiles

CX SUN-401FS-B Man-high turnstiles

CX CAN-50 Tripod

Performance and reliability

Turnstile for access control with high performance and reliability. Its small dimensions allow it to be optimally adapted to the premises.
This bi-directional turnstile is one of the quietest and most durable on the market and features technology that allows an average of 10 million operations without affecting the brushless mechanism.

It comes with a 3-year guarantee and is ideal for hotels, gyms, buildings, shopping centres, supermarkets, reception areas and much more.


CX CAN-70 Turnstile

Performance and reliability

HADAR’s bi-directional turnstile has a polished stainless steel housing that makes it robust, rigid and durable. With automatic reset and a configurable 5 second wait time, the arm will arm if there is no passage and in an emergency the arms will lower. A 3-year guarantee and illuminated step LEDs round off the product features. Its brushless mechanism and technology guarantee an average of 10 million uses and make it one of the most reliable and quietest bi-directional turnstiles on the market.



CX VEG-7100-1W Turnstile 

Speed Gate

The fast turnstile offers a throughput of up to 55 people per minute as well as functions such as emergency opening, automatic reset, LEDs, alarms and burglary protection. It also has integrated door lights to indicate valid/invalid access and a 3-year guarantee. Thanks to its advanced brushless motor, it is one of the quietest and most durable bi-directional models in its class with an average lifespan of 15 million applications.

The top is shielded with a sturdy black tempered glass enclosure for an eye-catching look. The tempered glass and card reader are integrated into the classic stainless steel frame. A brilliant LED light strip adds decorative appeal, while the all-steel construction allows for indoor and outdoor use. Available in single-sided or bidirectional versions.

CX CAP-225 Turnstile

Control gate

The CX CAP-225 is a bidirectional turnstile with selector switch for powerful and extremely reliable access control. Enjoy virtually silent operation and a robust brushless mechanism that promises an average of 10 million uses. Its 850 mm or 900 mm arm facilitates the passage of wheelchairs and pedestrians with luggage. In addition, the automatic reset function (programmable) is triggered if the user is delayed for more than 5 seconds and there is an LED indicator showing entry and closing. Finally, CAPELLA is easy to install and maintain, making it ideal for areas with high pedestrian traffic such as parks, schools, factories, libraries, cinemas, gyms, etc.

CX SUN-401FS-B Turnstile

Man-high turnstile

CX SUN 401FB-B is a technologically advanced full-height turnstile with a reliable rain canopy.its stainless steel housing, waterproofing and durability make it suitable for outdoor use, while its standard dimensions of 1.5 m x 1.3 m can be customised according to customer integrated, self-adjusting hydraulic damping device ensures smooth, silent operation – making it an ideal solution for high-security applications such as embassies, stadiums, construction sites and more.